FilmWonk Podcast – Episode #203 – “Aftersun” (dir. Charlotte Wells), “Somebody I Used to Know” (dir. Dave Franco)

CW: Mental health issues

This week on the FilmWonk Podcast, Glenn and Daniel find themselves in another February streaming season, as a trope-subverting rom-com drops on Prime Video with Dave Franco and Alison Brie’s new film, Somebody I Used to Know. But first, we check out a 2022 selection we missed, Aftersun, a father-daughter drama from director Charlotte Wells, making her feature debut to great acclaim (including several Best Director awards, and the DGA nomination for best first-time feature film) (58:50).

May contain NSFW language.

FilmWonk rating (Aftersun): 9 out of 10
FilmWonk rating (Somebody I Used to Know): 6 out of 10

Show notes:

  • [02:01] Review: Aftersun
  • [18:59] Spoilers: Aftersun
  • [24:51] Review: Somebody I Used to Know
  • [42:50] Spoilers: Somebody I Used to Know
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Christmas is actually not on Hulu; it was a Lifetime film, and is available on Lifetime’s standalone streaming subscription, or as a paid rental.
  • As promised, here is a list of the rom-coms Daniel watched over the holidays:
    • Puppy Love for Christmas -8.5
    • Merry Textmas – 5.5
    • Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas – 7
    • Mistletoe in Montana – 4
    • Hanukkah on Rye – 9
    • Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas – 6.5
  • Thank you for listening.

Listen above, or download: Aftersun, Somebody I Used to Know (right-click, save as, or click/tap to play)


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